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Making Dentistry a Walk in the Park

  • Toys, games, iPads, prizes, and more to make dentistry fun
  • Convenient hours, various payments options, and services all under one roof
  • A team who specializes in treating children and providing positive experiences

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Welcome to Park Pediatric Dentistry

A place where your child can call "home" for all their dental care needs from now to adulthood.

Children are our link to the future. They see the magic in every day and transform all of us with their creativity and potential to achieve a better future for everyone. This motivates us to provide a positive dental experience for all our patients, so they can grow into adulthood with a lifetime habit of keeping a healthy smile. We do this by providing:


Who says learning isn't fun?
From dental anxiety to finances, we'll help you and your child overcome any barriers so they can receive high-quality dentistry in a fun and professional manner. At the same time, you can relax knowing we've got your child's best interest in mind.


We are an open book.
Sincere and honest communication is the foundation for building relationships. We'll partner with you to develop a plan to help your child’s overall wellness. We'll also tailor our communication with your child to alleviate anxiety, educate them, and earn their trust.


A place where a kid can be a kid.
We only treat children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. This allows us to focus our expertise on the needs of children and provide safe, comfortable dental treatment all under one roof, including sedation options.

Meet Dr. Lesa Allison

Your experienced Greenwood pediatric dentist.

‘‘ I LOVE working with children! They believe every day is a new adventure and witnessing them recognize their own potential is what inspired me to open Park Pediatric Dentistry.”

– Dr. Allison
  • Board-certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Teaches at Riley Hospital for Children
  • Experience in treating children from a wide variety of backgrounds and demographics, having comprehensive knowledge of adapting to everyone’s needs
Meet Dr. Allison

Meet Dr. Andrew Wilson

Your kid-at-heart children's dentist!

‘‘ One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is when we’re able to coach a nervous child through their treatment and change the way they view dental visits.”

– Dr. Wilson
  • Actively maintains continuing education and participates in dental organizations
  • Previously provided preventative and restorative dentistry in third-world countries
  • Tailors his dental approach to meet each child's needs and comfort, ensuring they feel safe
Meet Dr. Wilson
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  • Exam
  • Cleaning
  • Digital x-­rays
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants
  • Tooth Colored Fillings (Composite resin)
  • Silver Colored Fillings (Amalgam)
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Extractions
  • Pulpotomy
  • Space Maintainers
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
  • General Anesthesia
  • Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Mom & Dad Approved

See why parents trust our pediatric dentists in Greenwood, IN.

Amanda C.
15:42 21 Jun 24
They were so amazing with our 2 little girls!
Bernice C.
18:41 13 Jun 24
They are very friendly and helpful made my daughter feel safe and she didn’t even cry getting her teeth cleaned without me being there. Recommend this place 100%
15:20 04 Jun 24
Had a wonderful experience!
Ashley R.
18:18 18 May 24
Alexis S.
00:04 17 May 24
Melissa C.
18:57 03 May 24
Amber C.
23:32 29 Apr 24
Melissa S.
20:57 27 Apr 24
dora S.
23:31 25 Apr 24
verynice and helpful
Carol P.
11:50 25 Apr 24
Cristen R.
23:39 24 Apr 24
Nikki S.
00:14 20 Apr 24
Park Pediatric is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had my kiddos at. They’re great with scheduling them all together, keeping me informed on how well everything is going and super friendly. Beyond happy with my experience with them. Highly recommend.
Courtney R.
13:42 19 Apr 24
My three year old has a traumatic dentist prior to this, after an oral sedation procedure she’s telling everyone that Park Pediatric Dentist “was great and not scary!” They are amazing with children!
Erendida G.
23:31 14 Apr 24
Cortney L.
23:32 12 Apr 24
This was our first visit and the staff was so friendly and accommodating! I thought to myself it takes a patient person to work in pediatric dentistry as the dental hygienist was showing all the tools and even letting my kids test it out. We would highly recommend!
Daisy L.
01:28 12 Apr 24
Morgan C.
23:49 11 Apr 24
Mary B.
23:48 11 Apr 24
Anastasiya T.
23:33 09 Apr 24
my daughter had a wonderful experience. Thank you for showing her every tool you was going to be using so she wasnt scared.
Nicholas A.
00:46 09 Apr 24
Scheduled for urgent need within 2 hrs of calling. Evaluated and problem fixed within 30 minutes! Friendly staff and clinically excellent.
siobhan G.
23:36 08 Apr 24
All of the staff members were extremely friendly and helpful to both my 3 and 1 year olds! They gave them special coloring pages and crayons to help them while waiting for their sibling to finish, and interacted really nicely with both of them! They listened to their interests, and got them special bags at the end with Bluey toothbrushes because they both love Bluey! Appointments were painless and quick and started right on time which really helped. 10/10!
LeAnn H.
23:48 06 Apr 24
Crystal K. S.
10:44 05 Apr 24
They are friendly and they take good care of your kids!!
Janelle T.
23:53 01 Apr 24
Katelynn J.
23:50 01 Apr 24
Absolutely loved our experience today! 100% recommend!
Karina G.
23:40 31 Mar 24
The staff was really sweet. They explained everything to us before taking us to the back. They let my 2 year old touch and get familiar with the tools. Even though she cried they were still really sweet, calm and collected.
Kami G.
00:24 29 Mar 24
We always have a great experience at every visit. We have been taking our son here for a years and he loves it.
Rajbir K.
23:23 28 Mar 24
The staff was very kind. The dentist design was a very fun and colorful place.
Lynn W.
23:34 27 Mar 24
My 21 year old daughter has autism and Dr. Allison and Hailey are excellent with her... I wouldn't want her to see anyone else..😊
Meagan S.
14:25 26 Mar 24
Britney L.
13:37 18 Mar 24
She was so brave and talked up a storm to all the dental hygienists. She’s excited to come back!
Jersey B.
12:40 16 Mar 24
My 2 year old and 1 year old had their very first cleanings this past week. Haleigh was absolutely wonderful. She was so kind and patient with my crazy kiddos. Dr. Allison was so sweet and was great at explaining things to us and answering all of our questions. We definitely will recommend others to bring their kids here!!
Matt V.
00:04 16 Mar 24
Dr. Andrew addressed our newborn’s tongue tie and she is already doing so much better. Staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Em S.
22:42 14 Mar 24
They are very professional. This is a perfect dental clinic for kids with autism cause they definitely get the job done, very patient and understanding staff even when my kid isn't the cooperative type when it comes to dental appointment. They discusses out of pocket costs upfront without you asking for it so you wouldn't be surprised with how much you needed to pay.
Whitney H.
14:03 13 Mar 24
Sean P.
23:39 11 Mar 24
Amanda S.
02:06 09 Mar 24
Brooke J.
00:33 09 Mar 24
We absolutely LOVE park pediatric dentistry! Dr. Alison and Dr. Andrew are amazing and same for all their staff! I have 3 boys one that’s special needs and they are always understanding and go above and beyond to accommodate and make them comfortable… we will never go anywhere else I would recommend them to anyone! 10/10
Samantha K.
00:35 08 Mar 24
Friendly staff. Quick appointment. Great with kids!
Dustin L.
02:51 05 Mar 24
Myra C.
03:09 28 Feb 24
Very friendly. My child was very comfortable with the staff.
Raghu K
19:11 27 Feb 24
It would be helpful if parents are allowed to discuss dental issues with doctor. I am not sure how a 5 year old kid could explain dental problems.
Renee C.
04:03 27 Feb 24
Dr Andrew and staff were wonderful -- my preschooler has some special needs (as well as a fear of the dentist) -- everyone was understanding, compassionate and accommodating -- my son left feeling "proud of himself" for being a brave big kid! Very good experience overall and would definitely recommend.
03:55 27 Feb 24
Sabby B.
01:04 27 Feb 24
My daughter loves park pediatric dentistry. The staff has always been friendly but whoever did my confirmation call for this appointment was so rude.
Ashley P.
20:06 25 Feb 24
Super patient with my dentist-fearing 6 y.o.!
Kassidy S.
00:47 25 Feb 24
The staff is always so amazing and my son is always happy during and after his appointment! They go above and beyond to make the experience comfortable for kids.
Eric O.
00:32 25 Feb 24
Very professional and helpful. My kids enjoyed their first visit to the dentist. Great staff and facility.
Deborah R.
17:49 23 Feb 24
Marion M.
00:37 23 Feb 24
Allouri M.
00:39 22 Feb 24
Katrina B.
00:33 21 Feb 24
The staff were very nice and did a good job of keeping my child calm. The wait wasn’t too long and they had toys in waiting room which was very nice to keep small child occupied.
Ashley H.
14:49 20 Feb 24
Always a great experience at Park Pediatric!
Katie H.
20:10 19 Feb 24
Brooke H.
00:33 15 Feb 24
Staff were amazing and made my 3 year old feel comfortable with the whole process!
14:50 13 Feb 24
Both my children do Amazing here.
Thomas B.
00:44 12 Feb 24
00:45 10 Feb 24
Ivy L.
00:30 06 Feb 24
Maria F.
00:34 05 Feb 24
Kari R.
00:38 03 Feb 24
My kids love to go to dentist. There previous dentist quit taking their insurance so had to find another one they loved as much. Thankfully Park Ped dentistry was as wonderful. They took great care of my kids and did not try to cause more dental problems as another dentist did in between finding dentist. Thank you for taking great care of my kids.
Michael W.
10:46 02 Feb 24
Office staff went and checked on my daughter to let me know how she was doing as she was initially reluctant to go into exam with out me. That helped put my mind at ease and I really appreciated it.
Courtney D.
00:35 02 Feb 24
Took our toddler in for her first dental appointment- she had a GREAT visit. Everyone from check in, to check out, and everyone in between was so friendly and kind. Coming from a momma with dental anxiety herself, they treated our girl fantastic. Will recommend Dr. Allison and her staff any chance we get!!
Mike G.
04:45 28 Jan 24
Exceptional service and people they are so good with my daughter I wouldn't go anywhere else
Holly F.
00:51 28 Jan 24
Hannah W.
13:37 26 Jan 24
I couldn’t be happier with my boys’ (4.5 and 3) first dentist experience. The dental hygienists were so kind, patient, efficient, and I’m in awe at what they do! The dentist was great too. The environment was perfect for kids and I’m so thankful for this practice. I highly recommend.
Savannah B.
00:49 26 Jan 24
Candace K.
00:36 24 Jan 24
Thang K.
17:50 23 Jan 24
I took my 2-year old son for the first dental appointment. They are very professional and caring. They have a number of staff so thing went faster.
Maria C.
00:52 21 Jan 24
My son is 7 and loves going to the dentist. We drive past and he points it out everytime.
Laura P.
03:15 20 Jan 24
Brooke W.
01:45 20 Jan 24
Tara W.
01:01 19 Jan 24
We had, what we thought, was an emergency situation. So, they got us in the same day we called! They are awesome!
Amanda H.
00:55 19 Jan 24
Mary Jane M.
21:27 18 Jan 24
Best Peds dentist ever. Did great with my 18 month old. The whole ambiance of the place is welcoming and friendly for little kids. They are super fast too. We were in and out in 30 min.
Rebekah J.
00:48 18 Jan 24
The staff was extremely friendly and I love how they make it a fun & "cool" atmosphere for the kids.
Mary N.
17:46 16 Jan 24
Jessica B.
18:34 12 Jan 24
Jennie G.
17:10 12 Jan 24
Absolutely loved the environment and the staff! My 4 kiddos ranging from ages 9-4.
Joe S.
00:45 12 Jan 24
Set up of the office is impressive. The lengths they go to make kids and parents feel comfortable is beyond what I expected. The way they made the experience fun for my daughter is such a joy for future visits. Pricing is affordable, people are friendly, and we had every opportunity to ask questions and get time with every person who was a part of the appointment.I cannot recommend Park Pediatric Dentistry enough.
Li H.
00:31 12 Jan 24
Lindy K.
17:16 11 Jan 24
Loved this dentist office! They are wonderful with children!
Sarah N.
11:33 11 Jan 24
Very friendly staff, helpful and caring.
Donna D.
00:32 11 Jan 24
I was very impressed on how well everyone worked with Hayden today. Everyone was so patient and kind. Thanks everyone.
Karen S.
00:31 11 Jan 24
Staff is amazing and very patient!!
Natalie N.
02:19 09 Jan 24
Shari C.
00:31 09 Jan 24
Recommended for all Indy kids
Meghan E.
00:32 08 Jan 24
Gabby H.
16:32 04 Jan 24
Great pediatric dentristry! Sophia was amazing at getting my almost 3 year old distracted and comfortable for her cleaning. Everyone in the office is always so friendly and we are very pleased! 🙃
briana F.
00:45 31 Dec 23
tiaonia H.
00:41 25 Dec 23
Kenna S.
00:35 23 Dec 23
Carissa N.
00:31 23 Dec 23
It was a great experience and we would definitely recommend it to others people

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