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Making Dentistry a Walk in the Park

  • Toys, games, iPads, prizes, and more to make dentistry fun
  • Convenient hours, various payments options, and services all under one roof
  • A team who specializes in treating children and providing positive experiences

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Welcome to Park Pediatric Dentistry

A place where your child can call "home" for all their dental care needs from now to adulthood.

Children are our link to the future. They see the magic in every day and transform all of us with their creativity and potential to achieve a better future for everyone. This motivates us to provide a positive dental experience for all our patients, so they can grow into adulthood with a lifetime habit of keeping a healthy smile. We do this by providing:


Who says learning isn't fun?
From dental anxiety to finances, we'll help you and your child overcome any barriers so they can receive high-quality dentistry in a fun and professional manner. At the same time, you can relax knowing we've got your child's best interest in mind.


We are an open book.
Sincere and honest communication is the foundation for building relationships. We'll partner with you to develop a plan to help your child’s overall wellness. We'll also tailor our communication with your child to alleviate anxiety, educate them, and earn their trust.


A place where a kid can be a kid.
We only treat children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. This allows us to focus our expertise on the needs of children and provide safe, comfortable dental treatment all under one roof, including sedation options.

Meet Dr. Lesa Allison

Your experienced Greenwood pediatric dentist.

‘‘ I LOVE working with children! They believe every day is a new adventure and witnessing them recognize their own potential is what inspired me to open Park Pediatric Dentistry.”

– Dr. Allison
  • Board-certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Teaches at Riley Hospital for Children
  • Experience in treating children from a wide variety of backgrounds and demographics, having comprehensive knowledge of adapting to everyone’s needs
Meet Dr. Allison

Meet Dr. Andrew Wilson

Your kid-at-heart children's dentist!

‘‘ One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is when we’re able to coach a nervous child through their treatment and change the way they view dental visits.”

– Dr. Wilson
  • Actively maintains continuing education and participates in dental organizations
  • Previously provided preventative and restorative dentistry in third-world countries
  • Tailors his dental approach to meet each child's needs and comfort, ensuring they feel safe
Meet Dr. Wilson
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  • Exam
  • Cleaning
  • Digital x-­rays
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants
  • Tooth Colored Fillings (Composite resin)
  • Silver Colored Fillings (Amalgam)
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Extractions
  • Pulpotomy
  • Space Maintainers
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
  • General Anesthesia
  • Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Mom & Dad Approved

See why parents trust our pediatric dentists in Greenwood, IN.

April H.
02:03 02 Oct 22
The staff was so friendly and super helpful. It was my first time bringing my daughter to the dentist as a first time mom and they made me feel so comfortable!
Meghan A.
15:01 01 Oct 22
Paul P.
12:55 01 Oct 22
Ann D.
23:52 29 Sep 22
Megan D.
21:17 29 Sep 22
I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Lesa and her staff. They are always friendly and super patient with the littles!
Laura M.
23:39 28 Sep 22
Kellie K.
23:34 28 Sep 22
My son had his teeth fixed under anesthesia. Major issues. I had a panic attack during the beginning of the procedure just from being nervous. Dr. Kramer and his nurse & Dr. Allison & her nose was SO SO SO supportive and understanding.
zach N.
01:08 28 Sep 22
I told my 3 year old we were going to the dentist in the morning. She said, “Oh! I’m going to get a balloon! I’m so excited!” I’m so glad this is her memory and feelings toward going. We love all of the staff!
Trina S.
22:35 27 Sep 22
Kristina M.
01:39 25 Sep 22
Absolutely amazing! My daughter just had her very first appointment and the staff was spectacular. They made the process so easy, helped her understand what was happening, and worked at a quick pace so she had the best possible experience. I would recommend them hands down.
Reni M.
23:58 23 Sep 22
Rhiannon M.
23:32 23 Sep 22
We love this dentist. Super fast and handle screaming toddlers fantastic
Shy The Crafty J.
13:31 23 Sep 22
Andria S.
12:39 22 Sep 22
The Dentist is wonderful, honest and really made my girls comfortable. We had gone to a previous dentist office that tried to overbill for a bunch of things my girls didn’t even need. The dentist here was able to justify what they needed done. It was great. So we will continue to go here.The office staff not so much. Our initial visit was at 2pm and I arrived at 1:40 and the office staff were clearly upset because it was their lunch break. I had no idea it was their lunch, there was no sign posted on the front door and they made me feel so awful about it. I had sent them all our insurance information prior to our appt and they had none of it. So that was frustrating. After the initial evaluation they scheduled out our appts, but be careful if you have the reschedule because they don’t look at all your other appts in their system and will reschedule you at weird times. Like they scheduled a cleaning for 10/21 and then again on 10/24…..same cleanings/same children. You just have to be extra diligent and really know your own schedule because they are not catching anything.
Nicole L.
23:34 21 Sep 22
Heather M.
23:36 20 Sep 22
My 1yo son had his first visit at the dentist today. The hygienist and doctor were quick and efficient. They made the experience as tearfree and pleasant as possible.
Erin S.
13:25 19 Sep 22
Fantastic place. Prompt and professional!
Emily B.
02:10 19 Sep 22
The staff was friendly and informative. My daughter had a great experience during her appointment. The staff took the time to explain the tools they would be using and even let my daughter touch some of the "fancy gadgets."
Katie S.
00:38 19 Sep 22
Ashley G.
23:42 16 Sep 22
Zainab K.
23:36 16 Sep 22
Marlee S.
01:03 16 Sep 22
I just absolutely love Park Pediatric Dentistry! First of all the entire staff is all so very welcoming and are all so nice it's very comforting for sure. I've met both Dr. Andrew and Dr.Allison on two separate occasions. My almost 5 year old had to have 2 cavities fixed and capped and Dr.Allison and her staff were all very comforting towards my child and I and I was kind of a mess being this was our first time and I didn't feel judged and my kid was above well taken care of, I appreciate again how well everyone kept me up on everything going on and went above and beyond! I would recommend this dentist to anyone and everyone including my own friends and family! Keep up the great work you guys are all truly a blessing!!!🙏🏻🤗🥰❤️
Christine N.
14:39 15 Sep 22
Love this place! They are so great with my kids 😁
Katie C.
23:53 11 Sep 22
Monica D.
23:46 11 Sep 22
Brooke H.
11:05 11 Sep 22
The whole team was so sweet and took the time to show my 19 mo old all the dental instruments, hold them, feel different textures etc.for her first appointment. The dentist was also very kind and gentle with her. Our first dental appt was not without tears (to be expected) but she still gave him a high five after the exam and cleaning. And she got a balloon so that made everything better! We will definitely be returning 😁
Brandon A.
03:19 09 Sep 22
Great staff, my daughter loves her dentist!
Kayla D.
02:01 09 Sep 22
They were so kind to my son on his first visit. So happy I chose them!
Shaye N.
01:10 08 Sep 22
We love this dentist & everyone here is so friendly & do their jobs the right way.
01:12 03 Sep 22
Erendida G.
23:33 02 Sep 22
Joan H.
23:38 01 Sep 22
Deana H.
23:35 01 Sep 22
Jilliyann T.
17:21 01 Sep 22
Sierra M.
20:37 31 Aug 22
I went in and they were quick and painless and everyone was super friendly and great with the kids, which is good cause they’re a pediatric dentist.
Amy T.
18:03 30 Aug 22
Great atmosphere and staff was quick efficient and friendly. My daughter walked out from her 1st appt with a smile on her face!
Deep J.
01:03 30 Aug 22
Tara L.
23:32 28 Aug 22
It was my son's first time and they did an amazing job with him. They were so nice and answered any questions I had.
Ashley M.
23:36 26 Aug 22
Unless T.
23:36 26 Aug 22
Kortny W.
00:02 26 Aug 22
The staff at Park Pediatric was absolutely phenomenal!!! Haley did an amazing job with my daughter as it was her first time. She made her feel safe and comfortable by showing and explaining everything to her! Dr. Allison was so friendly and nice! I would 100% recommend this dentist to everyone!
Hannah B.
23:41 24 Aug 22
Great place! Only dentist I will take my child to.
Lily E.
23:36 24 Aug 22
Mandy B.
02:29 24 Aug 22
So helpful and great with my daughter who just does not like the dentist!
Angela P.
23:52 23 Aug 22
It barely hurt
Kristen Bremmer G.
23:43 23 Aug 22
Kristen B.
00:00 23 Aug 22
You guys are great! Thanks for all you do!!!!
Michelle C.
23:59 20 Aug 22
Bikramjit K.
00:02 20 Aug 22
Hope D.
15:28 19 Aug 22
Heather S.
10:30 19 Aug 22
The Best pediatric dentist that my children have ever been to.
April R.
23:40 18 Aug 22
*Update*Park Pediatric Dentistry is an amazing place! Our son, now at 8 years old, had not been to the dentist since before COVID and I was worried he might be apprehensive but they were amazing once again in making sure he felt comfortable with every step of the process. Even with sensory obstacles like crying children and bright lights in his face, among others, he was so confident and focused on getting through it! I am so proud of my son for how well he did, and so glad this dentistry office is so good at what they do!....Today at Park Pediatric Dentistry in Greenwood, my husband and I were blown away and moved to tears with how well they managed to get our 6 year old to feel comfortable and at ease enough to get through his first appointment. He was very unsure and anxious about certain things and they were very responsive to his uneasiness and was able to gently coax him along. They have a very child friendly approach and explain everything upfront. If you are looking for a dentist with a considerate staff who truly understand how a child's mind works, this place is it! WONDERFUL experience! ❤
Marie E.
23:32 18 Aug 22
The hygienist and dentist were so patient and worked so well with my special needs daughter! She stayed calm the whole time!
Kaylee G.
23:34 17 Aug 22
10/10. They are so kind & gentle with my daughter. She has a fear of the dentist (what kid don’t). The dental assistant took her time & explained to her what she was doing. I don’t remember her name, but she definitely needs an award because she was just awesome! Definitely recommend!
Mark F.
00:46 16 Aug 22
Britney M.
23:32 14 Aug 22
The staff was super sweet and welcoming. They talked me through any and all of my concerns. Would highly recommend!
Michelle M.
14:40 13 Aug 22
They are friendly and very clean. They keep me up-to-date and informed on everything my kiddos have going on.
Lacey Y
00:06 13 Aug 22
They were amazing with both my kids first visit
Angelyn I.
23:53 12 Aug 22
Kali H.
11:43 12 Aug 22
We had a great experience for my two yo first dental visit. Taylor was excellent and helped calm the nerves to have a smooth, no fuss, visit!
K. M.
23:33 11 Aug 22
Jenna W.
02:23 10 Aug 22
amber D.
17:03 09 Aug 22
They took amazing care of my little one. He was terrified and they made it so much better for him. He doesn't mind going at all now.
Mindy M.
23:34 08 Aug 22
They are so patient and good with my 4.5yo son who doesn't love the dentist.
Annemarie M.
00:33 06 Aug 22
Taylor M.
17:25 05 Aug 22
Park Pediatric Dentisrtry was extremely helpful in giving us a second opinion on dental work for our young son. They were very helpful and took the time to answer our many questions. The staff was friendly and although their office is an hour away from us, we will continue to visit them as they have given our son positive dental experiences.
Toni G.
13:56 04 Aug 22
They are always happy to help and make my kids feel safe and taken care of.
Aliandra B.
18:09 03 Aug 22
We love Park Pediatrics. Today they took the time to show my son all of the tools they were going to use. He got to hold them and feel the toothbrush. They even brushed his Woody doll's teeth. We've been impressed with them from the start, but now that my son's older, I'm really blown away by how patient they are.
Daisy L.
19:45 01 Aug 22
Park Pediatric Dentistry is the absolute best! My daughter has been going there for nearly two years and went from being terrified of the dentist and crying the whole way on our first trip, to asking me (with excitement) when she was going to see Dr. Lesa at PPD. She loves Dr. Lesa and all the staff! Dr. Lesa and Team are so thoughtful, sensitive to my daughter's fears, caring, and are really great at what they do. I know we are in great hands!
Cindy T.
14:16 30 Jul 22
Love the friendly and helpful staff working with our extremely shy and fearful girl. They have gotten her comfortable with going to the dentist over the past 2 years! Thank you for your patience and caring.
Lorri M.
23:37 28 Jul 22
23:31 28 Jul 22
Park Pediatric is the absolute BEST! The staff is always smiling. They are kind, caring and so gentle with the kids. We appreciate all of them so much
Lory B.
23:55 27 Jul 22
Bekah S.
23:47 19 Jul 22
Staff was friendly and great with my 2 year old. She did better than I could have hoped.
Lesli F.
23:33 19 Jul 22
Very friendly staff! I know my kiddo is in good hands :)
Amy D.
15:06 18 Jul 22
The staff at Park pediatric is fantastic!! My daughter loves going here .
Katy S.
23:34 16 Jul 22
Great staff. My Daughter has HFA and she looks forward to going for her check-ups because everyone makes her feel safe.
Natasha F.
23:33 14 Jul 22
Shelby B.
23:41 11 Jul 22
We love Park Pediatric Dentistry! All of the staff is amazing with kids and always make parents feel at ease with their kids going back there without them. I would recommend this place to all my friends with kids!
Roxy A.
02:27 08 Jul 22
This visit was the most pleasant experience I've had at any dental office. My 2 1/2 years old is Autistic and will not allow anyone in his mouth. I was afraid he would have a meltdown down. I called the office a day before my appointment and was told, that they had experience with children on the spectrum and would try everything to make the experience a pleasant one. The staff was friendly, patient and very respectful. My son had a cleaning and I was smiling the entire time at our comfortable the experience was.
Alta S.
07:56 07 Jul 22
Olivia H.
23:38 06 Jul 22
LOVE Park Pediatric! Dr. Allison is the best and is so good with kiddos. They do an amazing job to make sure your child is comfortable and has the best experience.
Griffin S.
19:36 02 Jul 22
Myah C.
01:49 28 Jun 22
Brooke W.
23:30 24 Jun 22
Megan R
13:43 24 Jun 22
My 10 year old loved everyone in the office and even thought it was cute that he got to go home with a balloon! Thanks for making a sometimes scary visit feel like a breeze!
Christopher S.
23:37 23 Jun 22
I was very pleased with the entire staff and the patience everyone had with a 20 month old child.
Lisa C.
23:31 23 Jun 22
Lalrem R.
23:31 23 Jun 22
Megan N.
23:31 23 Jun 22
Juan M.
23:37 21 Jun 22
Tristan R.
18:15 21 Jun 22
Pleasantly surprised with our first visit.Staff is patient , kind. Doc is knowledgeable, patient and was ready to get a plan going to get proper care.5 stars simply isn't enough for Park Pediatric. We've been to 4 different dentists to find the "perfect" fit. Well worth the 2 hour drive round trip.Update: Once again amazing! Simply amazing. Doc and her team are patient, compassionate, efficient, and cover every thing. The kids actually enjoy the trip (till the chair but they're small so 🤷🏼‍♀)
ashley A.
23:57 20 Jun 22
The staff at PARK PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY very professional and personable! Every visit has been amazing! They make my family feel comfortable and confident about with the procedures they have done. Everyone is very knowledgeable and listens to any concerns. I cannot see myself going to any other dentistry. Thank you so much for your service!
Laura H.
02:44 18 Jun 22
Cindy R.
23:34 17 Jun 22
Nice people and very patient. My daughter was afraid to go but they made feel better about getting her checkup.
Hayley H.
18:17 16 Jun 22
Melissa C.
23:48 15 Jun 22
Kayla S.
18:31 15 Jun 22
They did so great with my 4 year old that wanted nothing to do with the dentist today. Love how they work with the kids and the parents!
Stacey R.
13:05 15 Jun 22
23:36 14 Jun 22
Michele W.
12:56 14 Jun 22
My son's first dentist visit went very well. They were so patient with him. The balloon that they gave him was such a sweet gift. He loved it!
olga N.
18:26 10 Jun 22
Holly M.
17:34 09 Jun 22
This team is beyond amazing.
Morgan G.
20:37 02 Jun 22
My 2 year old fell yesterday & needed to be seen immediately. They returned my call the same night, even tho it was after hours, & they were able to see her today. Unfortunately she needed to have the tooth removed so that was traumatic for her but the staff was beyond WONDERFUL. Every person there was nice, considerate, accommodating to the children …. I could go on & on. They did everything they could to make my daughter and I comfortable. The extraction of the tooth didn’t take longer than 10 minutes and they did what they could to make it as painless as possible for my daughter. They also gave her toys, a balloon, and a popsicle for her mouth afterwards. I would recommend this office to any parent who’s kid needs to be seen by the dentist.
Anna M.
18:05 18 May 22
I brought my son in this morning not realizing his appointment was actually tomorrow. Since i had already taken him out of school for the day the ladies working were incredibly accommodating and got him squeezed in so it wasn’t a wasted school day. I’m super appreciative of that. My son was treated with respect and since he is at the age of trying to be independent, it was important to him to “do this on his own” and the dentist and staff did a great job with him. We were set up with a treatment plan and a referral to an orthodontist. Overall I was very pleased with the service and thankful we chose them for our kiddos.
Danielle N.
16:42 03 May 22
It's always a pleasure everyone is very kind and my 2 year old is comfortable with them as am I !! Thank you Park Pediatric Dentistry we appreciate you !!
Cassandra F.
22:34 28 Apr 22
My little guy is now 3 years old. He has autism and has a difficult time transitioning spaces (environments), sensitivity with lights and sounds, uncomfortable with vibrations and while I could share more about the challenges he faces what I want to share instead is that the staff here are just incredible.They are aware of my little guys special needs and make a true effort to always help him be as comfortable as they can. While we started at Parks seeing Dr Allison, we've seen Dr Andrew's the last two visits and he and the hygienists have been swift and accommodating. We make a plan together and then we make it happen. I am so thankful for such an empathetic and welcoming environment.What do parents want to know?TrustworthyResponsiveText and Email SupportPartners with local outpatient surgery centers as needed if neededTV on ceiling with Netflix options for a friendly kiddo distractionSpeaks to you not at youGift bag and balloon for kiddo at end of treatment
Kalyn C.
19:55 15 Apr 22
We have been here a handful of times. Each time has been pleasant and fairly quick.
Tristan R.
14:58 11 Apr 22
We drive four hours round trip for this office. I searched for YEARS to find someone patient enough, equipped to deal with sepcial needs for my oldest child.Everyone is so patient and kind. The waiting room is wild child friendly.They explain everything in detail, go over it with me before proceeding with my kids.answer any and all of questions.5 stars isnt enough honestly.
Heather P.
13:54 08 Apr 22
I have been very pleased with both visits to Park Pediatric. Dr. Andrew and the rest of the staff are always so patient and gentle with the twins and make the experience go very smooth.
Satinderjit S.
15:15 06 Apr 22
Took my daughter for her first dentist visit. Had a great experience. Staff was very helpful and amazing!
20:57 29 Mar 22
Great with kids and it’s clean!
Robert T.
16:49 28 Mar 22
This dentistry is absolutely amazing! My son loves going to the dentist, which all know as parents can be a pain 🤣. Everyone on the staff are very friendly and kind. I would not recommend any other office for children!
Sonia H.
14:10 24 Mar 22
We drive an hour to bring our kids here. This place is great with our kids. They are very patient with my 4 year old autistic son. Love that they take their time to try to get him more familiar with everything. Also love how colorful and bright this office is. Also looks clean. Highly recommend this place. Everyone has been professional and friendly.
Andrew and Kirstin W.
09:40 24 Mar 22
The office staff members were friendly, and the dentist and hygienist friendly and flexible as well! This was my daughter's (22 months) first visit. They shared about an emergency phone line which is reassuring.We did have a 20 minute wait with no notice of the delay, which was a little while for a toddler. Notice of the delay would have been helpful with timing snack. :)We noticed many children on screens. Has the office considered bringing back (if these were removed during COVID--understandable) manipulatives or toys for a small section in the room to encourage play or keep kiddos busy while waiting for appointments or siblings' appointments?Thank you for being gentle and taking time to answer questions!
Kim F.
16:41 23 Mar 22
We went for a consultation and Dr. Allison and her staff answered all of our questions, explained things in multiple ways, very easy to understand the plan of care. My teen daughter, the patient, felt very comfortable and understood what her treatment plan was.
Chiante T.
10:36 23 Mar 22
Dr.Thomas and his team Morgan,Sierra and Lindsay is a life saver literally! My 4yr old daughter was referred to them today for an emergency situation and I walked in stressed out and in tears walked out more educated and with smile of comfort and peace knowing now my daughter is out of pain and in great care. Let's just say they gain two new family members lbs. Thank you the to the Park Pediatric Famiky Ariah is resting well you all are so awesome .
Jennifer Colley J.
14:03 22 Mar 22
Took my toddler for his first visit. Was great! They showed him everything and every tool they were going to use. The actual cleaning only took about 3 minutes so even though he screamed during that he was fine and even gave the dentist a high-five after it was all over. They really understand how to talk to kids.
Kira B.
14:46 10 Mar 22
This office is phenomenal. The staff is friendly, professional, clean, compassionate, and has so much patiences with the kids. They give balloons and a prize for the kids. Such an amazing experience during a time that is typically horrible for parents!
Jenna W.
19:07 03 Mar 22
They are fantastic with my two boys they love it there
andrea W.
15:15 03 Mar 22
aida K.
18:54 25 Feb 22
Everyone is no nice and professional and they care very much for the kids and di their best to maje sure the little ones are comfortable.
Nicole F.
15:41 24 Feb 22
Very good with my son. He is hyper and asks lots of questions. They are super nice and patient. His favorite place because he gets a balloon
Amy R.
23:41 23 Feb 22
Always very friendly and professional! They make my son feel so comfortable, at 4 years old he absolutely loves going to the dentist.
Adam J.
20:11 18 Feb 22
Our son’s first appointment went great. The doctor was great with him and the office was modern looking and kid friendly.
Jennifer C.
17:54 18 Feb 22
They do an amazing job and are fantastic with children! Highly recommend them.
Stephanie L.
22:28 09 Feb 22
Love this office! The staff are so kind and friendly. Dr. Allison is so thorough and kind. We recently moved and travel 35-40 minutes because my girls love it here.
Hniang S.
23:37 08 Feb 22
Shelby N.
19:11 12 Jan 22
Alicia L.
16:53 03 Jan 22
I drive forty minutes one way to bring my child here because I love it so much!
Maranda B.
21:24 30 Dec 21
My son loves them! Very friendly and caring staff!
cory B.
14:04 29 Dec 21
The staff and work are top notch. Highly recommend!
teresa H.
17:05 27 Dec 21
The staff helped make my kiddos feel safe and comfortable at their appointments and the entire team are friendly and knowledgeable. We love going to Park PediatricDentistry!!
Cisco B.
18:58 23 Dec 21
My son loves coming and has no fear of the dentist any longer. Great dentist for kids and the waiting room is fun too!
Zach and Kari C.
18:26 23 Dec 21
Absolutely the best. Dr. Allison and crew are great. They really work hard to make even fillings easy for a very nervous kid. My 10 year old had nothing but good things about her experience. Thank you Dr. Allison and crew!!
Tina N
01:47 22 Dec 21
Staff is excellent and explained everything thoroughly. Very fun and comforting environment.
maggie C.
22:27 21 Dec 21
We just started at this office and absolutely love it so far! Everyone is so nice and friendly! Not to mention great with kids. The boys are excited about the No Critter Club for not having a cavity, it's a great incentive to get them to brush really well.
19:57 21 Dec 21
They are great with my two young kids (3 and 5). They make going to the dentist pleasant for them, and I love the way they take time explain x-rays, exam, etc to me in the consult room after the appointment.
Joshua G.
14:50 21 Dec 21
This office is phenomenal. The staff is friendly, professional, clean, compassionate, and patient. They provide excellent customer service. They’re truly gifted with kids and have a beautiful facility. I wish they treated adults too. It took a little while to get in because our kiddo kept getting sick right before our appointments, but 100% worth the wait!
Sarah R.
18:25 06 Dec 21
Tonya T.
17:23 03 Dec 21
I can not share enough good things about this pediatric dental! The staff is always super friendly and welcoming. Dr.Allison is always so thorough and friendly and makes you feel like she’s known you for forever. I HIGHLY recommend this place to look after your children’s dental needs cause they truly care for children!
Jessica G.
15:46 30 Nov 21
Kid & parent approved. Enjoy the music and how comfortable the staff makes you and the child(ren) . My kiddos always have a good time. The staff shows the kids the tools before use as well which makes it easy to be fun. Don't let me forget the balloon with the tooth care goodies. Much appreciated kindness will be back in 6months.
Brittany H.
14:59 05 Nov 21
They are amazing with my kids. They have been patient with my sensory sensitive kid and all 3 of them no longer dread going to the dentist. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Vince S.
18:00 01 Nov 21
Very nice staff. We always have a good experience. Definitely recommend!
Ayanna R.
20:27 28 Oct 21
i love them my kids idris and messiah do not like the dentist but they went in today & came out without any problems as well as they were telling me how they were nice and gentle . i definitely highly recommend them over any other dentist
Dakota W.
22:02 27 Oct 21
The staff was wonderful and all so sweet! Our girl first visit there today and they both left saying how easy and fun it was. They didn’t hesitate to walk back to the room with me and had big smiles when they were finished.

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