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Oral Conscious Sedation

A solution for stress-free dental treatments.

Does Your Child Have Dental Anxiety or Fear?

Oral conscious sedation may help calm their nerves.

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It’s not uncommon for children, even adults, to fear the dentist. But if not addressed, this fear can impact how your child takes care of their oral health into adulthood.

Alleviating this anxiety will build your child’s trust in going to the dentist and allow them to achieve a healthy smile for life.

One helpful method is oral conscious sedation. It’s known to relax your child and make them feel drowsy or fall asleep. They may even forget the procedure happened.

It’s great for children who are:

  • Worried about injections

  • Uneasy or nervous

  • Getting a lot of dental work done

  • Have trouble sitting still

  • Unable to cooperate due to special needs or delayed development

Schedule a consultation to see if sedation dentistry is right for your child.

Is Sedation Dentistry Worth It?

In our opinion, yes. Here’s why:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Under oral sedation, your child can relax and won’t remember having the dental procedure completed.

Secure Environment

Your child will never be alone during their visit. Our pediatric dentists and dental assistants will be by their side while sedated.

Calm Nerves

Avoid the fear and discomfort of injections and unpleasant sounds altogether.

Positive Experience

Help younger, scared, anxious, or fearful children get the treatment done without ruining their view on dental offices. Our goal is to keep their visits easy and fun.

Cost Effective

Save money with in-office sedation dentistry by avoiding billing medical insurance for sedation/anesthesia in a hospital setting.


We’ll be able to treat areas of the mouth where injections may feel uncomfortable, extract infected teeth, or repair traumatized teeth easier.

Why Choose Park Pediatric Dentistry?

We have the skills and tools to administer dental sedation safely.

Dr Allison and Dr Wilson

Seeing your child in pain or afraid can be upsetting. Sedation dentistry may seem scary too, but our expert dentists are trained to control and monitor your child’s safety and sedation.

Dr. Lesa Allison and Dr. Andrew Wilson also:

  • Complete 2 years of specialized training in a hospital setting beyond dental school.

  • Are board certified which means they are experts in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, including sedation for children.

  • Trained in pediatric emergency procedures,including PALS, and have all necessary equipment in office.

  • Use a hospital-grade sedation monitor that’ll monitor their blood pressure, breathing rate, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels to ensure the utmost safety at all times.

  • Minimize referrals to multiple providers by offering most children’s dental services under one roof.

Meet with our dentists to discuss sedation options for your child.

FAQs About Oral Conscious Sedation

Find the answers to your top questions here.

Will they be asleep?
What are the two medicines given?
How long will it affect them?
Can they return to school the next day?
What’s the protocol in case of an emergency?
Will they be alone?
Why does my child still seem awake when we are about to start the dental procedure part?
How does the rest of the day after the sedation look?
Why do 2 oral sedation visits?
What if they won’t take the medicine?
Will they also have nitrous oxide/laughing gas?
Will they be numb?
Has the doctor done a lot of these?
Do I need to bring an extra person with me?
When can they eat?
Does someone monitor them the entire time?
Why is this the best treatment for my child’s needs (vs. laughing gas or having my child completely asleep at the hospital)?

Could Your Child Benefit from Dental Sedation?

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